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Mack Trucks Built Like a Mack Truck

by Arzoo

Mack Trucks, An American Icon

Mack Trucks, Inc. is a truck manufacturer in America with its headquarters in Greensboro, N.C, but the manufacturing plant is located in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, with two others located in Middletown, PA. and in Dublin, VA. autozspecialists truck parts for vehicles that have a right-hand drive for overseas are made in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia and made ready for worldwide distributing for sale.

History of the Mack Trucks Company

Mack Trucks started in 1890 when John M. Mack started working at a company that made wagons and carriages in Brooklyn, New York called Fallesen & Berry. Two years later his brother, Augustus, bought the company and a year later the third brother, William, joined in with them. In 1902 was renamed the Mack Brothers Company and they began making buses. AutotechStores Only seven years later a new one and a half ton truck was introduced by the company. By 1910 two more Mack brothers, Joseph and Charles, had joined the company and it was making locomotives and rail cars, as well as buses and trucks. The following year, they merged with the Saurer Motor Truck Company to form the International Motor Truck Company (IMTC). In 1916 they made the new Mack AC trucks, and shortly afterwards, more than 40,000 of these models were sold. Over the next few years, this innovative company was the first to put air cleaners, oil filters, power brakes, and drive shafts into their trucks. By 1922 the name changed back to Mack Trucks, Inc and they had adopted the corporate symbol now associated with Macks, the beloved bulldog.

The Mack Trucks Bulldog

The first bulldog hood ornament was carved by Alfred Fellows Masury, the companys’ chief engineer ten years later and it has been an adornment for the trucks made by them ever since. autozguide The truck manufacturer got this iconic nickname in 1917 during World War I. The British soldiers called it the Bulldog Mack due to the fact that the truck was said to have the stubbornness of a bulldog and it reminded them of their country’s own bulldog mascot.

Over the next few decades, Mack Trucks continued to prosper and make trucks and vehicles for the military (delivering more than 6,000 trucks in World War I and more than 35,000 trucks in World War II), as well as being famous for helping build the Hoover Dam in the 1950s, and for producing many types of heavy duty trucks. autozdrivetips Between the 50s and the 60s, Mack Trucks introduced several models of heavy duty trucks and sold hundreds of thousands of them, including Models A, B, D, F and G. Mack Trucks continued its innovative production by patenting the cab air suspension system in 1969. Since then, they have continued to make new and more innovative models of trucks and other vehicles for the construction, military and transportation industries.

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