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How To Choose The Right Engine Oil?

by Arzoo

Engine Oil Manufacturers In UAE Suggest Tips To Choose The Right Engine Oil 

Automobiles are easy to buy today due to the hassle-free availability of finance options. However, if you do not know which engine oil to use, it can be hard to maintain them. One of the most ignored facts for automotive owners is maintenance. Engine oils have a huge role to play here. Engine oil is also called lube oil, motor oil, or lube. You must know, that the automotive engine is a complex structure. So, if you want the internal parts to work unhindered for a long time, you must use the best quality engine oil. 

Before you delve into the tips to choose the right engine oil, you must know what it does. The engine oil manufacturers in UAE make it easy for you here. 

Purpose Of Using Lube Oil 

  • The main purpose of using a lube or oil of any kind is lubrication. All machines need lubrication, to prevent friction between the moving parts. If you use the appropriate lube oil, it can guard against the continuous grinding of the moving parts against one another. It results in increasing the life of the engine. 

If you change the lube oil regularly, you can prevent unwanted expenses on repairs. Good quality oil will allow free movement and is best for performance. You will get premium quality lube from the engine oil manufacturers in UAE, and that too, at affordable rates.

  • The use of the right and good quality engine oil helps in reducing combustion by-products. The by-products include carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides. Engine oil also prevents the deposition of carbon on the cylinder walls. 
  • Engine oil helps in dissipating the heat away from the combustion chamber. The engine generates a lot of heat, owing to combustion and friction. The engine oil and coolant, together carry the heat away from the engine. This results in a more efficient combustion process. 
  • Combustion is the main function that drives engines, and it is not possible without oxygen. The result is oxidation, inside the chamber, which again leads to corrosion. The use of the right engine oil helps in minimizing oxidative damage. 

Therefore, you should keep all this in mind, and invest in good quality engine oil. 

Engine Oil Manufacturers In UAE State How To Choose The Best Engine Oil

You should know about the most essential factors that drive the choice of engine oil. 

  • Fuel quality is the first consideration here. The octane number, sulfur content, and cleanliness are factors, which determine the quality. The higher the sulfur content, the more sulfuric acid is produced inside the engine. This often leads to engine failure. So, ensure to choose a lube, which can protect the engine against corrosive damage. 
  • Secondly, the quality of lube that you use for your automobile is also worth mentioning. Buy oils that are suitable for your automobile’s engine type and driving conditions. Good engine oil helps in the maintenance of optimum temperature and also protects the engine from breakdowns. Now, you can source the best ones from the engine oil manufacturers in UAE
  • The main function of lubes and oils, is to reduce friction. So, the viscosity of the oil plays a huge role here. You will come across two varieties of engine oils – monograde and multigrade. Monograde oils have a constant viscosity, whereas multigrade varieties have a variable one. In this context, viscosity levels are denoted by SAE. If an engine oil has a SAE of 40, it is said to be thicker than one that has a SAE of 20. 
  • As an automobile owner, you should know about the various oils that are available in the market. API classification governs the classification of motor oils, according to the performance levels. ‘S’ denotes the gasoline series and ‘C’ signifies the diesel series. If you find, both of these mentioned on the oil container, then you can use the same for both engine types. ACEA also classifies engine oils, into three groups. Group A/B denotes gasoline or diesel engines, C denotes catalyst-compatible ones, and finally, E, stands for heavy- duty engines. 
  • Finally, the usage patterns also matter a lot, when it comes to choosing the right engine oil. The factors that can affect your choice revolve around road conditions, climate, owner/ driver driving style, and the upkeep quotient. If you want to protect your engine, you must ensure to buy engine oil that suits the environment, as well as the usage conditions. 

Final Words 

If this sounds confusing, you must check the labels that come with a brand-new automobile. Manufacturers always list out the grade and types of lubes that you should be using.  Apart from that, you can also check out what the engine oil manufacturers in UAE, have to say, before buying. If you want to increase the longevity of your vehicle and maximize mileage, then you should take all of the above into consideration. 

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